West Wales Rulers

Stephen Hookey

Provincial Grand Master

The MW The Grand Master and ME First Grand Principal has been pleased to appoint W Bro Stephen David Hookey as Provincial Grand Master of the Province of West Wales in the Craft and Provincial Grand Superintendent In and Over the Province of West Wales in The Holy Royal Arch. The appointments were from 1st April 2014 and RW Bro Hookey was invested with both his new offices at the annual Provincial meetings in Carmarthen on 3rd July 2014, by The Second Grand Principal George Pipon Francis.

RW Bro Steve was initiated in the Cleddau Lodge no 6952 on 15th May 1991, was raised to the 3rd degree in October 1992 and became Master of the Lodge in April 1998. After a year as IPM he became Assistant Secretary which set him upon a Masonic career path. In 2002 the late W Bro Peter Mason, who was the Provincial Grand Secretary, spotted that there was an administrator with time on his hands and at the end of that year W Bro Stephen was appointed as Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary. In 2005 he moved on to become Provincial Grand Secretary, a position that he held for 7 years before being promoted to Assistant Provincial Grand Master in 2012.

W Bro Stephen is a founder member of the Richard Warburton Lodge, having served as Master in 2013 and is a subscribing member of both the Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters and the Peter Drewett Daylight Lodge of Progress. In the St David's Lodge he is an Honorary member.

In the Holy Royal Arch Ex Comp Hookey became MEZ of the Hwlffordd Chapter in 2004. He was appointed to Past Provincial Grand Sojourner in 2005 before taking on the office of Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra in 2009. In 2013 he was appointed as Third Provincial Grand Principal.

In the Rose Croix he took the chair as Most Wise Sovereign in 2001; in the Knights Templar he took the chair in 2005 together with that in the appendant Knights of Malta. He is also a member of the Knight Templar Priests and has recently re-joined the Mark Degree.

Lionel Hughes

Deputy Provincial Grand Master

At the Annual Investiture of the United Grand Lodge of England held on 26th April 2017 the Grand Master, HRH The Duke of Kent KG, was pleased to invest W Bro Lionel Clark Hughes with the Rank of Past Grand Sword Bearer.


At the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge in July 2017, the Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Stephen D Hookey, was pleased to re- appoint

VW Bro Lionel C Hughes as Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

W Bro Lionel was initiated into the Unity Lodge in February 1983 and was installed as Worshipful Master in November 1995. He served in the office of Director of Ceremonies for twelve years. He is also a member of the Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters in which he has served as Director of Ceremonies and Junior Warden.


In Provincial Grand Lodge, he was appointed PrGSuptWks in 2002, was promoted to DepPrGDC in 2005 and PrGDC in 2008, in 2014 he was appointed as Assistant Provincial Grand Master, in July 2016 he was appointed to Deputy Provincial Grand Master an office he still holds.

In United Grand Lodge, he was appointed AGDC in 2010, promoted to PSGD in 2015 and again promoted in 2017 to PGSwdB.


He was Exalted into the Unity Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in 1986 and was Installed as First Principal in 2000. In Provincial Grand Chapter, he was appointed PrGSoj in 2002 and promoted to PrGReg in 2010. In July 2017, he was appointed to the rank of 3rd Grand Principal of the Province of West Wales.

He holds high rank in many other orders as listed below: -


30° in Ancient and Accepted Rite (District of Dyfed)

PPrGJW in MMM (Province of Dyfed), Holder of RAM Grand Rank

PGSwdB in Order of Secret Monitor

PGSwdB in Order of Scarlet Cord

PAGDC in Royal and Select Masters

PGSD in Allied Masonic Degrees

PGtAdeC in Knights Templar

PIIGP in Knights Templar Priests (District of Wales)

Jeffrey Lewis

Assistant Provincial Grand Master

On Thursday 7th July 2016 at the annual meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge, the Provincial Grand Master, R W Bro Stephen D Hookey was pleased to appoint, obligate and invest W Bro. Jeffrey C Lewis as Assistant Provincial Grand Master of the province of West Wales.


W Bro Jeffrey was initiated into the St Peter’s Lodge no 476 on the 18th February 1992 and raised on the 20th October 1992.He was installed into the Chair of his Lodge in December 2002. He was appointed Provincial Grand Steward in July 2009 and promoted to Past Provincial Grand Superintendent of Works in July 2010.In July 2011 he was appointed as the Provincial Grand Treasurer a post he held for five years.


Jeffrey is also a member of the Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters


In the United Grand lodge of England he was appointed to the rank of Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in April 2014 and promoted to Past Grand Senior Deacon in April 2017.


In Royal Arch Masonry he was exalted into Merlin Chapter number 476 on the 28th September 1999. He has served the Chapter as scribe E and is presently its First Principal. He was appointed the Provincial Treasurer and served in that post for five years from July 2011.


He was perfected into Maridunum Rose Croix on the 15th November 2001 and enthroned in March 2009 and promoted to the 30th Degree in March 2011 and is presently the Chapter’s Treasurer.


Jeffrey was initiated into the Maurice Conclave of the masonic and military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine in May 2017.

Excellent Companion David E Rayson, Deputy Grand Superintendent


At the annual meeting of Provincial Grand Chapter on 5th July 2018, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp Steven D Hookey was pleased to appoint E Companion David Rayson as his Deputy Grand Superintendent.


David was Initiated into the Prince of Wales Lodge no. 671 in 1986. He was installed as Worshipful Master in 1995 and became Director of Ceremonies of the Lodge in 1997 an office he held until 2010.


In Provincial Grand Lodge he was appointed as Steward in 2002, promoted to Past Provincial Grand Senior Deacon in 2003, Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in 2010 and to Provincial Senior Grand Warden on 2017.


He is also a member of the Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters.


He was exalted into Unity Royal Arch Chapter in 1989 and became MEZ in 2003. He was appointed as the Chapter DC from 2007, stepping down in 2018 to take up the role of Deputy Grand Superintendent. In Provincial Grand Chapter he was appointed as ProvAGDC in 2005, ProvDGDC in 2010, PPRGSN in 2013 and ProvGDC in 2014.


In Supreme Grand Chapter E Comp David was appointed as PGStdB in 2014.

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