Quatuor Coronati Lodge Meeting

This Symposium event is of considerable significance to Freemasonry as a whole.  Recent documentary research by respected professional historians has for the first time revealed evidence which seriously challenges the long held establishment view that organised Freemasonry for England commenced in 1717 and moves the date forward four years to 1721.  Does this matter?  Certainly in the field of Masonic history it does and at last we can make sense of the various anomalies surrounding the traditionally supposed events and personalities.

Therefore, Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076 has arranged a Symposium to enable the evidence on both sides to be debated and weighed.  Questions and views from the floor will be taken.

Attached is a flier giving initial details of the event so as to enable you to at least mark it in your diary for next February.  I'm sending this to you now because we expect a wide interest from around the world and we need an idea of numbers.  Details are on the Quatuor Coronati Lodge web site at www.quatuorcoronati.com under 'Meetings' > 'Next Meeting'.


The debate will take place in an open session on 15 February 2018 commencing at 2.00 pm in the afternoon, not in a tyled lodge.  Regalia will not be required -  ladies and non-masons will be present.

Although attendance will be free, we would ask that you signal your attendance by e-mail to this address: 1717@quatuorcoronati.com  Doing so will assist us in arranging for an appropriate room at Great Queen Street - we are expecting a goodly number.  This will also enable us to update you with any notices before the event and any concluding document immediately afterwards.  Further details are on the attached flier.

We look forward to enjoying your company.

With warm fraternal good wishes,

Hugh S O'Neill
Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076.

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