Bro Jeff North - 50 Years in Masonry

Bro Jeff North receives his certificate from the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Jeff Lewis

Assistant Provincial Grand Master's Address

Brother Jeffrey Lee North you were initiated as a Lewis on 19.12.1968 at the Lodge of Amity No 5823 in the Province of South Wales being introduced to Masonry soon after your 21st Birthday by your Father with the support of close friends. In 1989 you became a joining member at Dinas Powys Lodge No 5997 where you remain a member to this day. In 2000 you became a joining member of Waynflete Lodge number 4452 in the Province of Northants and Huntingdonshire resigning in 2012. You became a joining member of Narberth-lodge number 2001 in the Province of West Wales on the 5/5/2017.


An only child born and raised in Cardiff, married Irene in 1971 and raised two children a son and a daughter. Your daughter Emma lives in Swansea and she has given you two Grandchildren, Rhiannon and John whilst your son Phillip resides in Newbury and at present remains unmarried.

Career wise you joined a Government Department known as The Diplomatic Wireless Service which it seems was a throwback from the former WW2 sections at Bletchley Park and the S.D.E. and you were obliged to sign up to the Official Secrets Act.


During the height of the Cold War in the early 70’s the section was integrated with the Foreign and Commonwealth office and a part was hived off and became known as the Special Intelligence Service,also known as MI6. Your work at this time involved significant Foreign Travel with long periods away from the UK. You retired in 2008 but you were retained for two years as a special advisor.


Being originally from Wales you were eventually drawn back to God’s country making a home and settling in Pembrokeshire. Your career was such that progression within Masonry was not an easy option but you maintained your masonic connections at every opportunity. Let's hope that here at Narberth you may well be able to fulfil within Masonry that which you were unable to follow during your work years.

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