Teifi Lodge Presentation to Cardigan Cancer Care

W Bro Gary Richards Story

Just over 13 yrs ago I had not been long married to my lovely wife Sharon and we just had our first baby Cerys. Then all of a sudden I fell ill, in that instance our whole lives turned upside down. One minute everything was perfect, we had the whole of our lives in front of us and the next we couldn’t see further than our noses. Quite a shock.


To cut a long story short. I was at home soon after having a major operation sitting on the couch feeling a bit sorry for myself, in some ways thinking why this has happened to us, when the doorbell went. Sharon answered the door as I wasn’t very mobile at the time. And in came to the room was a representative from Cardigan cancer care Ann Rapps and her late husband Geoff Rapps, who was a PM of the Teifi Lodge. (I wasn’t a mason at the time so I didn’t know him, but soon did a few month later when masonry came in to my life.)


So Ann and Geoff sat down, we had a cup of tea, and they explained to me all about Cardigan Cancer Care and the good work all their volunteers do. Such as offer emotional and financial support to cancer sufferers and their families in the area.


This did me and Sharon a world of good. We knew that people cared, but it just reaffirmed that people really care and that we were nor the only ones suffering in the area, and that there was always someone else to talk to and to share and offer advice with similar experiences.

I have never forgotten about C.C.C and always said to myself, if ever I am in a position to help them back I will. So when we raised £500 pounds in the lodge, I was as asked my thoughts as Master where the money could go. The answer was easy for me.


Last year C.C.C raised through fund raising and donations £42,000 and 99 percent of that was given directly to cancer suffers. It was really uplifting to see the ladies from C.C.C come to the lodge, full of enthusiasm and for us to give them some recognition back for their good work.

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