Edward Morgan 50 years Craft (plus 40 years Royal Arch)

On 22nd November 2018, W Bro Edward Morgan received his 50 year certificate and badge in the Craft and his 40 year certificate and badge in the the Royal Arch from VW Bro Lionel Hughes, Deputy Provincial Grand Master. An edited version of the presentation speech is below.


W Bro Edward, I am very pleased to be here tonight to have the honour making these presentations to you. I only hope that my words will do enough justice to the occasion. I am told that if I get anything wrong, I may hear a well-known cough.


You are a well-known local businessman and still run your own specialist surfacing company, from which I am told that you have no plans to retire from!


In 1968 you were approached and asked if you would like to be admitted into Caerfyrddin Lodge where your father had been a member. At your interview those wise old PMs - who you state were all about 30 years older than you (so in their mid-50s) - asked why you wanted to become a Freemason. Essentially you answered that you had vivid memories of your Father sitting up in bed reading his little blue book which you knew he had a high regard for. Basically, if he thought so well of Caerfyrddin that was good enough for you.

You then became a Freemason on 28th November 1968, very nearly 50 years ago. And so was started a chapter in the history of Freemasonry in Carmarthen, to which I shall return.


To achieve 50 years membership of our institution is marvellous, but that fact does not reflect the manner in which you have applied yourself during that time.


You progressed through the various offices and in 1978 you became Master of this lodge. In that same period, you became a Royal Arch Mason, being exalted into Merlin Chapter in 1977. In like manner you became MEZ of the Chapter in 1986.

In due course you received appointment within Provincial Grand Lodge. Your continuing work in Masonry is reflected in the fact that your Provincial career culminated in your appointment as Provincial Senior Grand Warden in July 2012, a very high rank indeed.

That rank is mirrored in the Holy Royal Arch where you were appointed as Third Provincial Grand Principal in 2007. In 2009 you were appointed Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in Supreme Grand Chapter.


Whilst you have achieved high rank in both the Craft and the Royal Arch, your passion remains with your Lodge and your Chapter. You have been Treasurer of Caerfyrddin Lodge since 1985, and you have been DC of Merlin Chapter since 1989.


There can be no doubt that you are a mason of much influence, and that you have guided many brethren and companions on their own journeys. To them all you are not only a brother but also a friend.


Added to that Masonry in Carmarthen has much to thank you for in ensuring that this building remains standing. There have been difficult times in recent years, and you have stepped in to make sure that timeous repairs have been made.


The depth of your dedication to Carmarthen Masonry led to your being awarded the Provincial Grand Master’s Order of Merit in 2015. That is a very select club of brethren who have acted above and beyond the call of their obligations.


W Bro and Excellent Companion Edward, I commend you on your masonic career, your dedication and the example that you set to all.

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