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The  annual report for 2017/18 season

The final results of the years qualifiers at Haverfordwest G C and Derllys Court GC, was concluded at the at Bancyfelin course on 4th, May 2018


The Provincial golf meetings during this past year have been very closely contested indeed, perhaps the closest contested season since I have been your secretary in 2009;

I do believe that it could have been very much more contested with greater support from more lodges in the province. We only have two meetings a year and with the starting of a National Masonic golf tournament, coming up in the near future I am sure that as a Province we could provide some competitive element toward that competition. I would urge all golfers within our Provincial fraternity to consider supporting the new Competitions starting in September this year. Please come along and support the society. We always have an enjoyable day!!.

The First of the seasons golf matches was held at Haverfordwest Golf club  back in September 2017 with the  final meeting of the 2017/18 Masonic golf society held on Friday 4th, May 2018 at the Derllys Court Golf Club, when sadly only 18 golfers were able to attend and compete for the seasons silverware.  The day started with Bacon rolls and coffee and Golfers then went on to compete for and conclude the Provincial Trophies championships for 2017/18 season.

 The Haverfordwest course, having been prepared for it’s finals weekend was in excellent condition and provided a good test of golf, whilst the Derllys Court course was in good condition  although the greens  were still at their winter cut level because of the poor winter weather but both greens and fairways still presenting a fair test of golf.  

 The results of the seasons two matches are appended at end of this report

A total of Seven Lodges were represented at Haverfordwest and six lodges at the final meeting in May, with guests at both meetings

At the conclusion of the golf and meal, the secretary Mike Bradney passed on apologies from the Captain Rt Wo bro. Eric Mock who was unable to attend his last meeting as the society Captain. He wished his successor  (the writer) much success for his new role and passed the same wishes to the incoming secretary Bro Danny Overend of the Loyal welsh Lodge . Apologies were also received from a number of other regular golfers who were unable to attend for very good reasons.

The secretary then thanked  all Guests and Masons for turning up throughout the year and contributing to another successful season of Masonic Golf . He also again reminded all to respond as early as possible if they were attending Golf days as this made it much easier to negotiate prices etc.

 He thanked the Haverfordwest and  Derllys Court Golf club for their excellent support during the year nd Wo..Bro.Clive Pitten and Bro.Danial Overend for their assistance. .

 He reminded members of the Mark competition to be held at Derllys Court on May 18th this year .  He stated that the first meeting of the 2018/19 competition would take place  on Friday September 7th  2018 , at the South Pembrokeshire golf club the second meeting on Friday 3rd,May 2019 returning again to Derllys Court as per the society’s wishes.. (all dates may be subject to adjustment to satisfy  Masonic meetings where possible)

May I close the report by thanking all who have helped me and Clive over the last nine years and ask that you give the same help and support to our new secretary Danny Overend.  (Loyal welsh lodge)

I thank you for the honour of becoming your Captain for the next year and I will continue to assist whenever possible.

I would on behalf of Danny re-iterate the need for a speedy response in letting him know of your intention to play the competitions as Costs do vary depending on numbers.

Many thanks for your companionship on the course .


Mike Badney


2017/18 Competition reports


The first meeting  of the season was held at the Haverfordwest  in September had left scores very closely balanced particularly between two lodges.


Results for the Day  (Haverfordwest )


Nearest Pin Hole 8                Rob Davies  Cambrian lodge.


Nearest Pin Hole 14.             Shaun Lee    Loyaol Welsh lodge.


Guest  Prize


First place      ---  John Collingbridge    Guest  27 points.BB9

Second place  ---  Simon Wilkie            Guest  27 points


Masonic results  and Scores.

The overall Individual winner on the day was ;-


1st.          .David Harris      Loyal Welsh                       38 Points

2nd       Shaun Lee          Loyal welsh                         33 Points

3rd,      Glyn Page          Cambrian                            32 Points


Lodge Positions and points accumulated after first meeting

1.         Loyal Welsh 378.                               94 Pts.


2.         Cambrian lodge 464.                         90 Pts.


3.         Tenby Lodge 1177                             74 pts.


(These points will be carried over to the May 2018 meeting)


Results for the Day  (Derllys Court )


Nearest the Pin Hole 2                     Mike Bradney      -- Castlemartin lodge



Nearest pin Hole 5                            Danny Overend   -- Loyal Welsh lodge


 Guest prize                                       Simon Wilkie     Cardiff


Masonic results and scores


1st.       Wayne Hancock  ---  Loyal welsh lodge      39  points

2nd       Chris Harding     ---  Cambrian Lodge       36 points

3rd,      Chris Hine         ---    Cambrian Lodge       35 points


Lodge Positions and points accumulated after two meeting


1.         Loyal Welsh 378.                               94 Pts.             101 points


2.         Cambrian lodge 464.                         90 Pts.            104 points


3.         Tenby Lodge 1177                             74 pts.            72 points



Over-all Champion Golfer 2017/8 (over two meetings)


David Harris --- Loyal Welsh Lodge    (Col Trevor Kelway Cup.)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Champion Lodge 2017/18 ( over two meetings)


 Yes Again !!  By one Point


 Loyal Welsh lodge                        (Tom Hughes Memorial Cup)


Final  Lodge Positions after both meetings were as Follows

(Best three cards to count)                                                                                         


1st Place          Loyal Welsh  -- Total      195.Pts  Champion Lodge

2nd Place         Cambrian       –Total      194  Pts

3rd place         Tenby              -- Total     146 Pts


A very Close result indeed.



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