Kemsley Mathias - 50 Years in Freemasonry

On Wednesday 21st December 2016, The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Stephen Hookey was delighted to be able to present W Bro Kemsley Mathias with a certificate and badge to commemorate 50 years unbroken membership of The Craft. It was a particularly pleasant duty as W Bro Kemsley is a member of Cleddau Lodge, The Provincial Grand Master's mother lodge. In a real "family affair", the citation was read by W Bro James Ross, AGPurs, Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary who is also a member of Cleddau Lodge. The Provincial Grand Master's address is shown in full below.

W Bro Kemsley, I am so delighted to see you here this evening. I feel very honoured to be making this presentation to you, and I only hope that my few words will do justice to the occasion.


You became a Freemason on 21st September 1966, a little over 50 years ago. A sobering thought is that, on that day when you were being admitted, I was 12 years old! But here we are today, brothers on the square.


50 years is a long, long time. I am only half way there myself so I am in some awe of those brethren who keep going and give such long service to what is a fine organisation. To achieve 50 years’ membership of our institution is marvellous in itself, but that fact does not reflect the manner in which you have done it.


In 1978 you became Master of this Cleddau lodge, and your Provincial career culminated in your appointment as Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden in July 1994. That is a very high rank, and let no-one be under any illusion – it is only given to those who work hard for the Craft.

I first knew you when I was initiated in May 1991, and I still remember you taking me to one side and expounding the virtues of Masonic Charity. Indeed, you served the lodge in the capacity of Charity Steward for many, many years. I seem to recall that not many escaped your persuasion to give regularly as they had promised to do at their initiation.


In those days, you were a part of the dedicated core of Freemasons that kept Cleddau Lodge running, and you were not only supportive of every member and of lodge activities but you were also an inspiration through your steady and dedicated service to the Craft and to the Lodge.

Kemsley, I know you to be a consummate Mason, and I have nothing but the deepest respect for you not only as a Mason, but also as a man. You have been a fine example to the brethren, young and old alike. If every member of the lodge only gave 50% of the dedication and support that you did, then the lodge would now be thriving.


W Bro Kemsley, you may not realise it but it was the example set by you and other Masons like you which inspired and encouraged so many younger and newer Masons to progress in Freemasonry. I thank you for that, not only as your Provincial Grand Master but also as your Brother and friend.

It now gives me great pleasure to present you with a certificate marking your 50 years’ continuous membership of the Craft, together with this lapel badge which I know that you will wear with pride.


W Bro Kemsley, I commend you on your masonic career, your dedication and the example that you set to all.

I thank you for your company and encouragement over a long period, and I look forward to being with you as often as possible in the years ahead.

A New Bible Cushion for Haverfordwest Lodges

To add to an already splendid evening, Cleddau Lodge Immediate Past Master, W Bro John Wilkinson presented the Haverfordwest Lodges with a new bible cushion made by his wife Louise. The made to measure cushion is reversible with Cleddau Lodge writen on one side of the drape and Cambrian Lodge on the other side, meaning that both lodges can use the same cushion. The innovative design also includes the new UGLE logo. In the picture from left to right are, W Bro John Wilkinson, Cleddau Lodge IPM, RW Bro Stephen Hookey, PrGM and W Bro Dario Algieri, Cambrian Lodge IPM.

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