At the request of the Provincial Grand Master, an informal meeting is to be held at the Masonic Hall in Carmarthen on Thursday 22nd September 2016, at 7.30pm.


The main purpose of the meeting is to explain the changes that have taken place this year in the charitable side of Freemasonry with the Masonic Charities Foundation now replacing the former four main established charities. To this end, Harry Smith, who is the Head of Communications and Marketing with the MCF will address us, and explain what type of assistance the MCF can provide, how the new organisation will function, etc.


I have also asked W Bro Dirk den-Hartog if he will give us a presentation on how applications for Provincial assistance to charities should be presented. We have seen many good and worthy applications flounder in recent years for want of relatively minor details to fulfil our own requirements.


The Provincial Grand Master is keen to see every lodge in the Province represented, and to this end, this invitation is to all Lodge Charity Stewards and Lodge Almoners. It is anticipated that the presentations will be of help to you all in carrying out the duties of your respective offices. Should you have an assistant Charity Steward or Almoner (or even a future prospective such officer), then they are also welcome to attend – either in conjunction with your Charity Steward/Almoner, or in their place if they are unable to attend.


The meeting will conclude with a buffet when we will have an opportunity to chat informally about any matters that may have arisen in the presentations.


In order to assist with catering etc, could you please let me have an e-mail no later than 15th September 2016, letting me know how many and who will be attending from your lodge.  Please send your responses to


To keep administration costs down, I am emailing this to every lodge Charity Steward and Almoner, together with Lodge Secretaries (for information). If your lodge Charity Steward or Almoner is not on email, could I ask you to please liaise with your fellow brethren to ensure that the appropriate officers are all made aware of this invitation.


Yours sincerely & fraternally

W Bro Ryland James PAGStB

Provincial Grand Charity Steward

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