Michael Morris - 50 Years, 20th December 2017

RW Bro Stephen Hookey presents the certificate to W Bro Michael Morris

W Bro Michael, I am so delighted to be here with you this evening. I feel very honoured to be making this presentation to you, and I only hope that my few words will do justice to the occasion.


You were educated at Millfield School in Somerset. Later in life you farmed at Barry Island Farm near Llanrhian, going on to be a Turkey Farmer in Hayscastle.


You became a Freemason on 20th December 1967, exactly 50 years ago. I am given to understand that you were initiated together with your brother Peter in a ceremony carried out by W Bro Eric Molyneux. That must have been a unique and memorable occasion.


50 years is a long, long time. I am only a little over half way there myself so I am in some awe of those brethren who keep going and give such long service to what is a fine organisation. To achieve half a century of membership of our institution is truly marvellous.


In 1981 you became Master of this Cleddau Lodge, and in 1988 your service was recognised when you were appointed to the rank of Provincial Grand Standard Bearer in Provincial Grand Lodge.


In 1990 you joined the Poulters Lodge no 6876 in London. I am told that you are also a member of a Livery Company, the Worshipful Company of Poulters, and were Master of that in 2002.  I am further told that you have the Freedom of the City of London.


Michael, I have nothing but the deepest respect for you not only as a Mason, but also as a man. You have been a good friend and a loyal member of this Lodge.


W Bro Michael, I commend you on your masonic career, and in particular to your dedication to this lodge.


I thank you for your company and encouragement over a long period, and I look forward to being with you as often as possible in the years ahead.

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