New Honours Board for Teifi Lodge

From left to right: VW Bro Lionel Hughes, W Bro Carl Rich, W Bro Matthew Spencer (WM), W Bro Terry Storr, Bro Roger James (JW), Bro Meredith John Jones (SW), W Bro Mike Roberts, RW Bro Stephen Hookey, W Bro Peter Walkden and W Bro Jeff Lewis.

Provincial Grand Master's Address

Worshipful Master, Brethren of The Teifi Lodge, Brethren All,


We are met on this auspicious occasion to dedicate an Honours Board of Past Masters of the Teifi Lodge. It is worth pausing for a moment and asking why we have Honours Boards and why, when we have filled up the original and now full Board, we should dedicate a new one rather than just position it upon the wall of the lodge and carry on.


Various organisations including schools, sports clubs, councils, army regiments and so on keep a record of their leaders on display by means of ‘Honours Boards’ and we remember the sacrifice of many by listing their names on war memorials. We in Freemasonry, likewise, remember and honour our Past Masters by means of an Honours Board. These Boards are more than just a list of the brethren who sat in this Chair of King Solomon. They are a historical record recording the names of those worthy and distinguished brethren who dedicated their time and effort to ensure the continuation of both Freemasonry in this part of the world and of their Lodge.


The Lodge was founded in 1924. It is approaching a landmark occasion in but a few years, namely it’s Centenary. Having existed for 95 years the original Honours Board is now filled with the names of those celebrated brethren who have steered the lodge to where it is today. It is therefore necessary that the tradition of recording those names be continued and that a new Board be provided for that purpose. That new Board is just as important a lodge artefact as the original. Both stand side by side to form a complete record. When the first Board was acquired a ceremony would have been performed giving thanks to the Great Architect of the Universe and expressing hope for many years to come. That made the Board special. It is only right that the next Board in the series should be treated in the same way and receive the same blessings. It too will be special.

And so, brethren this evening, amidst our pomp, ceremony and ritual, in a mood of thankfulness, we rejoice, we rejoice that the Teifi Lodge is now complete, that is, complete with its new commemorative Honours Board.


We give thanks to every Brother whose name appears on the original Board, for their hard work in making sure that we have arrived at today needing to perform this ceremony.


May all the brethren of the Teifi Lodge hold their heads high with pride and ever be inspired by this and their other noble emblems of loyalty, faithfulness and unity.

In the name of the eternal God, we dedicate this Past Masters Honours Board in thanksgiving for the work of all those whose names are now recorded and also for those appearing hereafter as a perpetual memorial of their faith in the Great Architect of the Universe and of their work in exemplifying and instilling the principles of Brotherly Love.

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