Cyfrinfa Gymraeg Newydd i Orllewin Cymru

Mae Bwrdd Dibenion Cyffredinol UGLE wedi awdurdodi pob Talaith yng Nghymru i ddynodi un Cyfrinfa i weithio'r ddefod yn yr Iaith Gymraeg.

Yng Ngorllewin Cymru bydd hyn yn gofyn am greu Cyfrinfa newydd, ac, o bosib, peripatetig, gan fod yn rhaid i'r Gyfrinfa ddynodedig weithio pob defod yn y Gymraeg yn unig.


Os oes gennych ddiddordeb mewn dysgu mwy, ac, o bosib, fod yn un o sylfaenwyr Cyfrinfa Gymraeg newydd, cysylltwch â H Fr Tony Trumper trwy yn y lle cyntaf.

New Welsh Language Lodge for West Wales

The UGLE Board of General Purposes has authorised each Province in Wales to designate one Lodge to work the ritual in the Welsh Language.

In West Wales this will require a new and possibly peripatetic lodge to be created, as the designated lodge must work all ritual exclusively in Welsh.


If you are interested in learning more and possibly being a founder member of a new Welsh Language Lodge, please contact W Bro Tony Trumper at in the first instance.


Welsh Language "designated" Lodges

None of the ritual or other business of any Lodge which is not a Designated Lodge may be conducted in a language other than English.


All ritual (Opening, Closing, Degrees, Installation) in a Designated Lodge must be in Welsh, and only the single individual ritual identified as appropriate for the particular Designated Lodge must be used, without any “mission creep” from the versions used in other Designated Lodges or in the form of translations from English of local variations.


All business in a Designated Lodge (all non-ritual work as well as, e.g., Summonses, Minutes, Resolutions) must be conducted in English.


For the time being there should be not more than one Designated Lodge in each of Monmouthshire, North Wales, South Wales and West Wales.


Any degree conferred by request under Rule 173 must be conducted in the language of the Lodge conferring the degree, and no Brother will be permitted to be “farmed out” under the Rule to a Designated Lodge unless he is (a) a member of a Lodge in one of the four Provinces and (b) a Welsh speaker.


When the Warrant is shown to a new initiate or handed over to the new Master, a statement must be made that the Lodge is, unusually, allowed to work in Welsh by special permission of the Board of General Purposes.


No Designated Lodge is to seek a dispensation to meet in a venue outside the four Provinces.


Artefacts, including jewels and Warrants, will use English, except that a Welsh motto may be permitted as part of a Lodge’s logo or on its banner.


It must be clearly understood that in the event that a Designated Lodge fails to comply with any of the above requirements the Board will withdraw its permission unless a very convincing explanation is given.


Nothing in the above authorises any Chapter to work in a language other than English.

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