New Grand Superintendent and Provincial Grand Master for North Wales

From left to right - RW Bros, Stephen Hookey (West Wales), Sir David Wootton (Assistant Grand Master) , John Hoult (North Wales) and Anthony Harrison (West Lancashire)

Saturday 13th October was the day that W Bro John Charles Hoult was Installed as Grand Superintendent in and over the Province of North Wales and as Provincial Grand Master of North Wales.


Part of our Provincial Grand Master’s job description is to attend and support neighbouring Provinces at their Provincial Meetings and our Provnicial Grand Master, RW Bro Stephen Hookey travelled to North Wales along with five other senior brethren to be present at the two Installation meetings.


If you haven’t ever been to the Installation meeting for a PGM/GS, you might not know that the Installation meeting is conducted by a team of Grand Officers from London accompanying one of the main Rulers.


On this occasion it was RW Bro Sir David Wootton, The Assistant Grand Master who was in charge.


The Grand Secretary, VW Bro Dr David Staples read the Patents.


Most interesting for West Wales Brethren is that our very own Grand Superintendent was the Acting Second Grand Principal in Support of Sir David in the Royal Arch meeting in the morning and after a very fine lunch, in the Craft meeting he acted as Senior Grand Warden. I think you will agree, the pictures are pretty spectacular?

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