From the Provincial Grand Master & Grand Superintendent

Brethren and Companions All,


To hold the positions of Provincial Grand Master and Grand Superintendent is a huge privilege. Those offices come with a lot of responsibilities and duties, and since 2014 I have done my best to carry them out. With the help of many brethren, and with your support, I believe that we have come a long way.


You are all aware that in Freemasonry changes have been made and that there are more changes and initiatives to come. The implementation of all these initiatives has been at times challenging, but I do believe that they have been necessary, and I can see the long-term benefits for the future of Freemasonry. With the imminent introduction of the Learning and Development programme I am convinced that we shall be in the right position to seize the opportunities being presented to us. However, after much thought and consideration I know that, having got us to that position, I am not now the right person to carry on with the longer-term strategy.


By the end of this Masonic year I shall have been in office for 5 years. Before that I was Assistant Provincial Grand Master for 2 years and Provincial Secretary & Scribe E for nearly 8 years. That is a total of 15 years at or near the top. The demands of the offices that I now hold are great and are increasing. I am increasingly finding them to be too much.


Earlier I mentioned the thought and consideration that I have given to the future. Included in that have been health matters, my domestic commitments and other duties. In the end, and with some reluctance, I concluded that this Masonic year will be my last as Provincial Grand Master and Grand Superintendent. I have written to the Grand Secretary expressing my wish to retire on 3rd July 2019 and I have been advised that it will be placed before the Grand Master at the next opportunity.


Please do not look upon this as a sad announcement, I can assure you that it is not. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and I will continue to do so until I retire. I shall continue to perform my duties and I shall endeavour to be with you in your lodges and chapters as much as I can, and I will still be smiling.


One of my main concerns has always been for the good of Freemasonry in the Province. I know that these offices now need to be held by someone with greater energy, vision and drive. Whoever that may be he will have my full support and assistance. And before anyone asks me, I do not know who it will be. That decision is taken entirely by the Grand Master and will be announced when he is ready to do so.


Brethren I thank you all for your support, kindness and encouragement over many years.


Kind regards,

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