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The Final Meeting report 2018/2019 season Derllys Court Golf Club


The Final golf meeting of the 2018/2019 Masonic year, was held at Derllys Court Golf Club on Friday 3rd May 2019

 The first meeting of the society was due to take place in September 2018 but sadly because of lack of support and Dining difficulties at the venue It was cancelled, so this seasons competitions were confined to one meeting.

Nineteen golfers together with one guest played , representing Tenby, Cambrian, Loyal Welsh Peterwell and Castlemartin  Lodges presided over by Captain and secretary Wo. Bro Mike Bradney which started with obligatory Bacon rolls and coffee and then golfers went on to compete in the final event of 2018/19 for the annual trophies.


Derllys Court Golf Club provided their Always superb hospitality and catering; Our thanks go the Walters family once again for their help. It made for a very pleasant Day for all..


The course generally was in good condition but necessary work on the greens meant that they were not at their usual high standard, however some good scores were recorded and the golfers enjoyed an excellent days golf


At the conclusion of the golf and meal, the Captain Wo bro. Mike Bradney thanked  our one guest and Masons for turning up and contributing to another successful day. He also thanked  Wo bro. Brian Williams for his assistance on the day.


 Thanks were expressed to Mike Bradney for his organisation of the event and for continuing as secretary as Bro Danny Overend now worked away is Scotland and had been unable to take on the role of secretary.

 The next event in September (the first of the new season) would be organised by Mike and after that Wo Bro Chris Harding of Cambrian lodge, would be taking on the role of society Secretary

This was agreed by all members present


The Captain was still hopeful that many other Masonic golfers within the province might support future events.  We have some super trophies to play for and the matches are always enjoyed by all. There is also a possibility of a new competition next year and also a match between the South Wales province (being looked into)

The details of our competitions, as always, would be sent to Lodge secretaries and put onto the Provincial web and Provincial monthly newsletter..

The society has a long history and should continue.  Please support.!!


 The Captain then went on to announce the winners and on this special occasion for Cambrian lodge, he invited Rt. Wo. Bro Eric Mock to present the winning trophy to the Cambrian team .  Wo Bro Eric said how delighted he was that the trophies were at last Coming to Haverfordwest and not Pembroke dock.


Congratulation to Dario Algieri on an excellent card to win the individual competition with a super score of 41 points  (Match and handicap secretay take note)


Wo Bro Chris Hine stated that when assisting the wife of the latenReg Jenkins who for many years was the society secretary ,a new trophy  was found for a pairs competition. Wo Bro Chris stated that he would look at organising something along these after the Autumn meeting.


Results for the Day


Nearest Pin Hole 2.            Simon Toy            Tenby lodge.


Nearest Pin Hole 5.            Wayne Hancock      Loyal Welsh lodge.


Guest  Prize


First place      ---                 Mark Bradney            34 points



Masonic results  and Scores.

The overall Individual winner on the day was ;-


1st,       Dario Algieri      Cambrian lodge                 41 Points

2nd       Brian Williams   Castlemartin lodge           38 points  (BB9)

3rd,      Simon Toy           Tenby lodge                       38 points




Lodge Positions and points accumulated (Best three Cards)


1.          Cambrian Lodge    464.     --  104 Pts.


2.         Castlemartin Lodge  1748.   --   103 Pts   ( just missed out ,   ouch!!)


3.         Tenby  Lodge             1177    --     98 pts.


4.         Loyal Welsh  Lodge   378     --     86 pts     


5.          Peterwell Lodge         4713    --    29 Pts  (lone golfer--Ralph Beardmore)



I close the report by thanking all who supported the golf Day, in whatever way.,


Mike Bradney






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