Provincial Masonic Centres Officer

To secure the future of Freemasonry one objective of UGLE’s 2015-2020 Our Strategy at a Glance is to ensure that facilities and standards of Masonic centres meet the needs of ‘modern man’.


To deliver that objective UGLE have prepared the guide “Masonic Halls – Centres of Excellence”, which provides a source of much advice and guidance to Masonic Hall Management bodies. UGLE envisage that each Province will have at least one officer who will assist with the launch of the document in the Province, and who will thereafter act as a link between the Province and the various Masonic Hall Management bodies, and who will assist each of those bodies in securing advice and guidance in achieving the object of being a Centre of Excellence.


The Provincial Grand Master invites expressions of interest in filling this office from experienced brethren who have appropriate buildings management knowledge.


The office description and specification is below. The UGLE guide is also attached, or is available from, or can be downloaded below


The closing date for expressions of interest is 16th March 2018. These should be emailed to the Provincial Grand Secretary, James Ross at

Provincial Masonic Centres Officer



To assist in the aim of growth and retention of membership by working with Masonic Centre managing bodies providing guidance and advice helping to ensure that our Masonic Centres provide the best environment to meet the needs of modern Freemasonry.




Reporting to the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, the office holder will be expected to be in office for 3 to 5 years and will be an experienced mason who has relevant buildings management knowledge acquired over a reasonable time.  A relevant professional qualification is neither essential nor required but may be useful. He will be required to have a good working knowledge of the UGLE document “Masonic Centres Guidance”.



Scope of Works:

  1. To develop working relationships with Masonic Centres management.
  2. To receive reports from all Masonic Centre management bodies within the Province.
  3. To support Masonic Centres in identifying and achieving the best practice in their management function to ensure the centres are put to the most beneficial use for the satisfaction of the members and the involvement of the wider community.
  4. To assist in sourcing professional advice and guidance to Masonic Centres including the need for advice on specialist intervention where necessary.
  5. To monitor, review and report upon the Masonic Centres.
  6. To facilitate the liaison between Masonic Centres and the Province.
  7. To assist in developing best operating practice across the Province.
  8. To work within the framework derived from that set out in the UGLE guidance notes to develop the standing of the centres within the Province.
  9. To develop and maintain a skills register of trades and professions available from members within the Province.
  10. To chair a Masonic Centres conference within the Province at intervals deemed prudent.
  11. To attend an annual UGLE conference.
Masonic Centres Guide
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