Tenby Lodge Open Day

Tenby Masonic Lodge is celebrating its 150th year anniversary and to mark the occasion will be opening its premises to the general public on Wednesday, August 16, between 1 and 7 pm.


This is the first time that members of the public will have the opportunity to look inside the building, which Tenby Masons have occupied since 1954. In the early days, after the Lodge was started in 1867, members would meet at the Royal Assembly Rooms in White Lion Street. This was destroyed by fire in 1880, and after that, the Lodge rented the existing property until 1954 when they bought it for £1,750. In 1959, they bought the garden behind, and were able to extend the building.


The Freemasons Order grew from the centuries old tradition of stonemasons working together on building a cathedral or castle. They would set up a lodge where they would live and socialise whilst the building project was underway, often staying there for many years. Information about building methods was shared between this close band of tradesmen, who would then use the skills they had learned from each other in future projects.

Over time, men who weren’t necessarily tradesmen could join, and the Freemasons community evolved into a meeting place for likeminded people who would live by the principles of the Order. These important precepts were: respect for other people; charitable work; and honesty, all of which are still upheld by Freemasons today. In Tenby Lodge for example, members come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including plumbers, electricians, builders, local business owners and retirees. Currently, our youngest member is in his early 20s and our oldest in his nineties.

Now millions of pounds are raised annually by Freemasons worldwide. In Tenby, thousands of pounds has been given away over the last 10 years to local charities, including the purchase of new lifeboats.


Tenby Masons are now keen to open their premises to local people and other visitors so they can tour the building, enjoy some refreshments and have the opportunity to ask questions of members. Whether you would like to come along with an interest in joining and becoming a Freemason, or simply to satisfy your curiosity with regard to the Order of Freemasonry, we assure you of a warm welcome on Wednesday, August 16.

You can bring your children too! There will be picnic snacks for them and a chance to win a teddy bear as part of the TLC Appeal (Teddies for Loving Care), the Masonic charity that donates teddy bears to hospital A&E depts.


Tenby Masonic Lodge, South Parade, Tenby, SA70 7SB (just down from the Fire Station).

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