Tenby Trip to Portugal

8 brethren from West Wales recently visited the Discoveries Lodge 9409 in The Tivoli Hotel in Lagos on the Algarve. This sojourn, to coincide with a golf trip, included 7 members from Tenby Lodge and 1 member from the Narberth Lodge.


Unbeknown to the West Wales party, a further 2 brethren from Flintshire in North Wales had also arranged to visit the Lodge so the Grand Inspector of Portugal VW Rob Levitt decided he would travel down from Lisbon to greet the visiting contingent from Wales. 


In the Temple a number of past masters assisted the usual officers in performing a thoroughly enjoyable 3rd degree ceremony.


Following the ceremony, a 3 course festive banquet was held in the Hotel and under instruction from the Grand Inspector, the Discoveries brethren were dispersed amongst the visitors.  Due to the Discoveries brethren coming from countries such as Portugal, Holland, Finland, Germany as well as the UK this led to a most enjoyable evening of international brotherhood and fraternity.  


This is the fourth time that the group has visited the Discoveries Lodge with a warm welcome being received on each occasion.  As a gesture of appreciation W Bro Simon Toy presented the Worshipful Master with a bottle of Penderyn Welsh Whisky as a donation towards the evening's raffle. 


The tour organiser would like to confirm that the standard of golf was such that not one ball was lost over the four days !!

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