UGLE Data Protection Request

Before Christmas UGLE sent out an email to 72,000 Freemasons who, as a result of joining a Lodge or Chapter prior to 2005 and having subsequently never joined another, have not signed any form of Data Protection statement.  More explicitly, they have not given consent for the data that UGLE holds on them to be used by the MCF or other Masonic charities.


It is our intention to send the email twice more, now and in 2 weeks’ time in order to maximise any response.  Those members who still have not responded will then be sent a letter after which they will not be bothered again, and their details will remain inaccessible to the MCF or other Masonic charities.


I would be grateful if you would be able to disseminate to your members that the email will be sent out again, that it is genuine, and that their early response would be appreciated.

Data Protection Email

Dear Brother XXXX,

On every Member Registration Form since 2005, a 'Data Protection' box has been printed to enable UGLE and masonic charities to keep a database of our members.  

Our records show that, because you were made a freemason before this date, and have not joined a Craft Lodge or a Chapter since, you have never given consent for masonic charities to hold or use your personal data and we are writing to you now to ask for that consent.

The masonic charities use your data to validate any application to them by you, or your family and descendants for masonic relief, or admission to a masonic care home.  They do not, never have, and never will use these details to solicit donations. 

UGLE uses your data in order to facilitate its day to day operations.

In this questionnaire, please indicate whether or not you wish to give your consent as follows:

  1. My data can be used to assess an application to a masonic charity for relief for me or my family and descendants (Yes/ No)
  2. Masonic charities can contact me with fundraising materials (Yes/No)

If you have any questions about this email then please contact UGLE's data protection officer at

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