VW Bro Brian Hilling Installation - January 2018

One of the brightest characters recorded in the annals of West Wales Masonry was Installed in the Chair of the Tenby Lodge no 1177 on Monday 29th January 2018. VW Bro Brian Clement Hilling, Past Grand Sword Bearer in the United Grand Lodge of England and Past Deputy Grand Master of the Province of West Wales was presented for Installation by W Bro Thomas Osbourne, Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden, who was the Master who Initiated VW Bro Brian in 1977.


In a faultless display of Ritual, VW Bro Brian was Installed by W Bro Steve Thurgood, Past Deputy Grand Sword Bearer (Essex). Once in the Chair, VW Bro Brian Appointed and Invested his Officers in his usual warm and sincere style, there was hardly a dry eye in the house.


A hush descended on proceedings when the Provincial Grand Master rose to address the Master. VW Bro Brian tirelessly promotes Tenby and is famous throughout the Province for starting his days (and his speeches) by talking about the sun rising over Tenby. Would the Provincial Grand Master refer to Brian’s sunny disposition by mentioning the Glorious Luminary of Nature rising over Tenby.


Sadly, you don’t get to be Provincial Grand Master if you mess about during the ritual, especially something as important as the address to the Master, but we can all pretend the address went something like this:


“Worshipful Master, you, having been installed in the Chair of this worthy and worshipful Lodge, cannot be insensible to the obligations which devolve on you as its head, or to your responsibility for the faithful discharge of the duties annexed to the appointment.


As a pattern for imitation, consider that glorious luminary of Nature, which, rising daily over Tenby, regularly diffuses light and lustre to all within its circle; in like manner it is your peculiar province to communicate light and instruction to the Brethren of your Lodge.”


Many congratulations to VW Bro Brian and the Brethren of Tenby Lodge for a great Installation meeting and a wonderful banquet at the Giltar Hotel. We are sure you are all going to have quite a year!

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