W Bro Anthony Hartwell-Jones - 50 Years a Mason

W Bro Anthony Hartwell-Jones receives his certificate from Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Lionel Hughes

W Bro Tony Hartwell-Jones has had a very distinguished masonic career.



Initiated on the 16th January 1968 into St Erkenwald Lodge No.2808

This was his grandfathers lodge (who was initiated in 1913) followed by his father in 1948 and two of his uncles.

He was master of St Erkenwald Lodge in 1981

Joined Aeron Lodge in November 1992 and was Master in 1997/98 and stepping in again in 2008/09
- the only member to have been through the Aeron chair twice in its history.

He was given Provincial Honours in 1994 (Grand Deacon) and promoted to PrGSuptWks in 2012


Other Side Orders


Mark  -  New Era No.176, Master in 1986/87

Joined Loventium No.1287, Master in 2014/15


Royal Ark Mariners  -  New Era No.186, Master in 1986/87

Joined Ceredigion Lodge No.1287, Master in 2017/18


Knights Templar  -  Menevia Preceptory No.427, Master in 2008/09


Rose Croix  -  Sarn Helen No.926, Master in 2002/03

He is also a member of the Aeron & Peterwell Chapter and Secret Monitor.

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