W Bro Ben Evans - 50 Years in Masonry

Photos include the PGM Presenting W Bro Ben with his Certificate. Also in the pictures is

W Bro Dan Evans, Ben's older brother who Initiated him!!

Extract from the PGM's Address

You became a Freemason in the Shir Gar Lodge no 7339 in Cardiff on 29th October 1968, being initiated by your blood brother Dan - who is well-known to us all. It was a double initiation ceremony, the other initiate being the late Ryan Davies, a well-known Welsh entertainer.


You joined the Narberth Lodge on 5th November 1976. Delaying your progression because of work pressures, you became Junior Deacon of the lodge, working your way through the offices until you became Master in 1990. In 1992 you were elected as Treasurer, and you held that office for 14 years. You truly served the lodge well, and with distinction.


In the Province you were appointed to Provincial Grand Rank and in 2006 you were appointed to the active rank of  Provincial Junior Grand Warden, a sure recognition of your service over many years. In 2007 you were promoted to the rank of Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden.


You have an equally distinguished career in the other orders of Freemasonry, holding the Provincial rank of Past Grand Scribe N in the Royal Arch as well as holding high rank in Mark Masonry and in the Rose Croix.


In 1991 you joined the Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters, and you went in to be Master in 2016/17, starting off the Tercentenary year for the Lodge. In 2017 you installed your successor – who was me. I remember the occasion well, and you did a fine job – as we all expected you would.


I know you to be a consummate Mason, faithful and dedicated not only to the Lodge and to the Craft, but also to the other orders in which you are a member. You are a totally committed Freemason, and Narberth Lodge and the Province are extremely lucky to have such a capable and well liked Brother in its ranks.


W Bro Ben, I have nothing but the deepest respect for you not only as a Mason, but also as a man. You are a fine example to the brethren, young and old alike. If every member of the Province only gave 50% of the dedication and support that you have given over many years then Masonry in West Wales would be thriving. You have always been most kind and supportive to me during my journey in Masonry, for which I thank you most sincerely.

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