W Bro Don Mallams - 50 Years in Freemasonry

From left to right, RW Bro Stephen Hookey, W Bro Don Mallams and W Bro Simon Toy (WM Tenby Lodge)


Extract from the PGM's Address


You became a Freemason in the Liddell Lodge no 3616 in Durham on 27th June 1968, a little over 50 years ago.


You went on to join the Sabrina Lodge no 4158 in Shropshire in 1973 where you became Master in 1984, and ultimately you joined this Tenby Lodge no 1177 on 2nd October 1985 and you went on to become Master of the lodge in 1991. You are also a member of the Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters.


In the Province you have held various ranks, the highest of which is Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden, a very high rank indeed. Your position in Grand Lodge started in 2002 when you were appointed to the rank of PAGDC, and you rose to the rank of PJGD in 2011.


However, you are best known for your time as Provincial Grand Almoner, which office you held between 2000 and 2009. As is so typical of you as a man, you worked diligently and with compassion in that office. None of us knew what you did in detail, but many benefitted from the attention that you gave to their plight.


It was during your time as Provincial Almoner that I got to know you as we went around the circuit, and I recall the support and encouragement that you gave to me as I progressed in my career. I thank you for all of that Don - it was and still is important to me.


Outside of Masonry you are again a fine example to all whose lives you touch. You live your life according to your Christian faith, in which you are a committed member of the Methodist Church. Your tireless work for Charity is legendary, and you can often be seen driving up the M4 towing a huge trailer full of all manner of tools and equipment – especially sewing machines – on your way to the Work Aid HQ near London.


I know you to be a consummate Mason, faithful and dedicated not only to the Lodge and to the Craft, but also to the Holy Royal Arch where you also hold very senior rank. You are a totally committed and extremely generous Freemason, and Tenby Lodge and the Province are extremely lucky to have attracted such a capable and generous Brother into its ranks.

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