W Bro Gerald Taylor - 50 Years in Freemasonry

Extract from the PGM's Address

To achieve 50 years membership of our institution is wonderful, but that fact does not reflect the outstanding manner in which you have supported Freemasonry and contributed to its continuing existence during that time.


You became a Freemason in the Langley Lodge no 3989 in East Lancs on 2nd January 1969, a little over 50 years ago. You went on to be Master of that lodge in 1993, and in 1994 you were Charity Steward of the Avon lodge no 3569 in Worcs, which you had joined in 1977.

You moved to Pembrokeshire in 1995 and ultimately you joined this Neyland Lodge no 990 on 13th June 1996. You went on to become Master in 2005, and for good measure you did it again in 2014. You are also a member of the Peter Drewett Daylight Lodge of Progress.


In the Province your service to the Craft was recognised and you were appointed Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon in 2010. It was my great pleasure to promote you in 2017 to the rank of Provincial Grand Registrar. This was a big jump from Senior Deacon, missing out the usual ranks in between, but it was felt that your service warranted such recognition.


You are known for your forthright manner, or to put it another way – you always tell it as it is, with no messing about. You are prepared to stand up, be heard and be counted. More often than not you are absolutely right. To have people with your qualities in our organisation is a healthy thing, as you cause us to question some things that we do and act appropriately. I absolutely respect you as a man and as a Mason, and I always welcome your opinion and input.


I know you to be a consummate Mason, faithful and dedicated not only to the Lodge and to the Craft, but also to the Holy Royal Arch where you also hold very senior rank. The same can be said of the other Orders to which you belong, Mark, RAM and Rose Croix. You are a totally committed Freemason, and Neyland Lodge and the Province are extremely lucky to have attracted such a capable and hard-working Brother into its ranks.

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