W Bro Phil Barton - 50 Years in Masonry

W Bro Philip Barton receives his Certificate from the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Lionel Hughes

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master's Address

W Bro Phillip Vincent Barton, I am very pleased to be here tonight to have the honour in making this presentation to you. I only hope that my words will do enough justice to the occasion.


You are a well-known Mason in this The St. Elli Lodge and indeed in all the craft lodges that meet in this Temple and also this Province, which I will return to later. In 1968 you were approached and asked if you would like to be admitted into The Lodge of Fidelity No.6943 where your father was a mason hence that makes you a Lewis. You then initiated on 16th September 1968, over 50 years ago, and so was started a chapter in your masonic career. To achieve 50 years membership of our institution is marvellous, but that fact does not reflect the way you have applied yourself during that time. You progressed through the various offices of your mother lodge and on 19th May 1980 you became Master of the lodge of fidelity if that wasn’t enough became its master again in May 2003. On the 12/03/1982 you became a Royal Arch Mason, being exalted into Peace Chapter No.3992. I will come back to that little later.


In May 1985 you received an appointment within The Provincial Grand Lodge of Gloucester and held the office of PPrAStB.1985-91

Your continuing work in Masonry is reflected in the fact that your were promoted in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Gloucestershire to Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, working under the direction and eagle eye of V.W. Bro. Michael Davies. You continued in that position until 20/5/2005. Your Provincial career culminated in May 2005 in your appointment to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden, a very high rank indeed.


In 1983 you became a founder of Lodge of St Christopher in Gloucester and were its founder Chaplin


Your work carried you over various parts of the country, but you remained faithful to the craft and you joined several lodges in the areas in which you lived including a lodge in the Province of South Wales. In 2008 you Moved to Burry Port but remained a member of your mother Lodge. In 2014 You Joined The St. Elli Lodge but still remained a member of your mother Lodge. In 2015 Your Mother lodge honoured You by Conferring on you Honorary Membership.


W.Bro Phillip, you soon became involved with the affairs of the St Elli Lodge and in 2015 became Junior Warden and in 2016 you became its Master. During that time, you perambulated the whole of the Province attending over 90% of the installations, you were very supportive in the various events that were and have been held within this Province. Worship Bro Phillip, you demonstrated to the member of this lodge that there is more than attending your own lodge when you are master. You were and still are a tremendous ambassador for St Elli Lodge, and are very well known within this province. Not being content with being a Past Master you have recently taken up the duties as its secretary, well done!!


Earlier I mention the Royal Arch and I noticed from your records that you have not progressed in the Order. Currently you’re are a member of the St Elli Chapter No. 671 and I have no doubt that they have you in mind to progress to the Chair, I am assured that you will consider that journey.


Looking At your Masonic Career on the Adelphi System there are not many masons that fill a full A4 sheet! From comments made to me by members of this lodge I know you to be a true Mason, faithful to both your Lodge and to the Craft. I therefore have great delight in presenting you with a certificate marking your 50 years continuous membership of the Craft, together with this lapel badge which I know that you will wear with pride.


W.Bro.Phillip Vincent Barton I commend you on your masonic career, your dedication and the example that you set to all.

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