Wales Air Ambulance

Dear Sir and Brother,


I take the liberty of writing to you in order to offer a Challenge to Freemasons in West Wales.


For the last two years I have put together teams to abseil down the Keep Tower in Pembroke Castle. In 2015, with tremendous support from the wife and daughter of W Bro Dawson James, the Event achieved a total just short of £6,000.00. The Event was supported by a Team from the Airfield Control Staff and two other families. I am doing the decent again this year and would like to throw down the Challenge to any Mason in West Wales to join a Masonic Team to help me raise further funds.


I appreciate that Wales Air Ambulance receives tremendous Masonic support, and the service is now one of the most advanced in Europe. However, the better service we offer, the more it costs to operate and there is a continuing need for Fund Raising.


Just as a final Challenge, I will be 84 at the time of the decent this year so how about it young Masons?


Yours Sincerely and fraternally


 John Hardwicke (464 and 3152)


To get involved, either contact John directly or email the Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary James Ross at

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