Zandvoort, Netherlands 8th & 9th July 2017: British Race Festival

W Bro John Everett was involved in a "racing incident" in the Netherlands last month, which involved a hospital stay and some rest and recuperation at home in St Ishmaels. I am pleased to report that he is making slow but steady progress towards full health. He would like to thank everyone for their kind wishes and support. You can read a brief report about the incident below and further details, including lots of photos of beautiful old cars here.

The ODM series travelled to Zandvoort in the Netherlands to take part in the 2017 British Race Festival, a celebration of British cars both competitive and on show.


The Zandvoort Circuit has changed little during the last 50 years, although it used to host the Dutch Grand Prix until substantial changes were requested, funds for which were not made available. The circuit retains its undulating form, flowing through the sand dunes for 2.5 miles; one competitor remarked that he had learned all the corners by the end of practice, but wondered why they appeared in the wrong order each lap…………….


The first race saw Simon Blakeney-Edwards in the Frazer Nash lead into the banked Tarzan curve, closely tracked by Mark Brett in the Ballamy Ford and John Guyatt, in his outwardly well-behaved Talbot Lago, in close company. The first few positions were maintained in the second lap but by the third, Guyatt (having carried out a tyre adhesion test in the back country) slipped back down the field, being replaced in third position by Paul Waine in his Frazer Nash. 


On this lap and just over 13 minutes into the race, cars only appeared spasmodically on the home straight, being brought to a halt by the red flag at the start line.  There was then a terminal delay whilst a racing incident at S-Bocht was dealt with and John Everett was taken to hospital with what transpired to be several broken ribs. John has arrived back home and, of course, we all send him our sincere wishes for a speedy recovery.

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