Old Priory Presentation

One week into the job and W Bro Billy Howlin, the new WM of Old Priory Lodge has already been called upon to carry out a charitable donation to Delton Williams, an 11 year old child living in Pembroke Dock and who attends Portfield School. 


After consulting with Dawn Thomas, the Paediatric Palliative Play Care specialist at Puffin Ward in Withbush hospital it was determined that Delton would gain enormous benefit from a new ipad.


Delton is funny and a larger than life character. He is music mad and loves to watch people dance as well as joining in with moves of his own! Even though he is wheelchair bound, he is fiercely independent and insists that no allowances are made for his disability.


Delton’s condition of Spina Bifida with Arnold Chiari malformation means that he can be isolated and an iPad would be extremely beneficial to him. It will improve his well-being and used to promote his communication, education and independence. 


The iPad will assist him with his schoolwork and education at home and not just used as a games console!  Dawn has been working with schools over three counties to bring the curriculum to the children’s iPads and PC’s I source and the outcomes have been fantastic.


The funding for the ipad was as a result of a raffle held at the Old Priory Lodge Installation so thanks to all who contributed to this very worthy cause.

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