W Bro Ray Cartwright - 50 Years in Masonry

Extract from the PGM's Address

You became a Freemason in the Quintus Lodge no 8118 in the Province of Dorset on 22nd April 1969, a little over 50 years ago. You went on to join the Lodge of Honour and Friendship in 1980. What you did in those lodges is a mystery to me and to the UGLE database. What I do understand is that your employment at that time was governed by the Official Secrets Act, so perhaps that extended to your Masonic activity. I am not going to ask!


You and your wife Iona moved to St Clears in 1984 where you started your own decorating business and ultimately you joined this Narberth Lodge no 2001 on 5th February 1988. You went on to become Master in 2004. You have served the lodge well, both in taking part and running the affairs of the lodge and also in the maintenance and refurbishment of the building.


In the Province your service to the Craft was recognised and you were appointed Provincial Junior Grand Deacon in 2011. It was my great pleasure to promote you in 2018 to the rank of Past Provincial Grand Sword Bearer. This was a big jump from Junior Deacon, missing out the usual ranks in between, but it was felt that your service and dedication warranted such recognition.


In recent years you have had some health problems, but that has not stopped you attending lodge and doing what you can. You are a totally committed Freemason, and Narberth Lodge and the Province are extremely lucky to have attracted such a capable and hard-working Brother into its ranks.


W Bro Ray, you are a fine example to us all. It is the dedication and hands-on support that you, and brethren like you, have given over many years which keeps Masonry in West Wales thriving.

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