W Bro The Reverend J Keith Davies - 50 Years in Royal Arch Masonry

Extract from the Grand Superintendent's Address

You became a Freemason on 23rd January 1964, and 5 years later on 9th January 1969 you were exalted into Ystwyth Chapter. That is a little over 50 years ago. To achieve 50 years membership of the Holy Royal Arch is fantastic, but that fact alone does not reflect the outstanding manner in which you have done it.


You were clearly active in your Chapter because in 1981 you became First Principal of the Ystwyth Chapter. From that point on you have gone from strength to strength, and from appointment to appointment.


In 1995 you joined the Merlin Chapter, and in 1999 you were a Founder member of this Aeron and Peterwell Chapter no 7208. Two years later in 2001 you took the office of First Principal, having been 2nd Principal the year before.


In the Province your talents and dedication were recognised and you rose in rank to 3rd Provincial Grand Principal in 2003, and then in 2008 you were appointed as Deputy Grand Superintendent. You held that office for 7 years, working with my predecessor E Comp Eric Mock, and providing continuity, advice and guidance for my first year in office.  I can say without fear of contradiction that you performed the duties of those offices with enthusiasm and dedication.


Both Eric and I are most grateful for all that you did for both of us, and the Province is also grateful for the manner in which you represented the Order both within the Province and around the whole of Wales and in parts of England.


Your work was further recognised in 2009 when you were appointed to the rank of Past Grand Sword Bearer in Supreme Grand Chapter.  


You have been very active in this Province for more years than perhaps we care to recall, and many will remember you for your many years of service in the Craft as Provincial Grand Chaplain. I got to know you on the circuit a long time ago, and I still recall the support and encouragement that you gave to me as I progressed in my career. I thank you for all of that Keith - it was, and still is, important to me.

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