A wonderful hardworking backup team is the key to a successful event and as a result, Prostate Cymru’s ‘Big Breakfast Bap’ at Church House on Saturday proved to be an unqualified success. This was part of the national drive to raise funds under the ‘Big Breakfast’ umbrella. Ruth Webb of Pembrokeshire Friends of Prostate Cymru would like to thank all who supported the breakfast, to all who kindly donated raffle prizes and last but not least the kitchen helpers – Tori and Tilly Hayes, Tina and Giulio Fecci, , Maureen and Jonathan Webb. Manning the door were husband and wife team Neil and Sue Griffiths and chief waiter was Clive Webb. These two gentlemen were more than happy to support Prostate Cymru as they have both undergone treatments for prostate cancer. Clive is a member of the West Wales Freemasons and sincerely thanks them for their unstinting support in all that he has done for Prostate Cymru.

The charity has supported Green Light Laser treatment for benign prostate disease and funded the training of surgeons using the Da Vinci robot for minimally invasive prostate cancer surgery. They also Fund research and innovation across Wales to ensure that the 1 in 8 men in Wales suffering with prostate diseases will have access to the best available treatments from the NHS in Wales.

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