Tenby Grab the Gavel

Tenby WM, Bradley Davies (left) receives the Gavel from Frenni WM, Wyn Harries

At the Regular Meeting of Frenni Lodge on Tuesday 04 February, a hearty band of 9 Tenby Brethren made a visit to Frenni  Lodge to present ourselves as potential new holders of the Travelling Gavel.


It was with great delight but, we suspect, with a touch of reluctance, the Gavel was handed over at The Festive Board into the safe keeping of W.Bro Bradley G. Davies WM who immediately passed it to W.Bro Simon Toy IPM to ensure it's safe journey to Tenby Lodge.


Tenby Brethren wait with anticipation and bated breath to see how long in the new decade we can hold onto the Gavel before a suitable challenge is formulated.

Tenby's IPM, Simon Toy (left) enjoys a laugh with Frenni Lodge Secretary David Elsley

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