Tony Jenkins - 40 Years in Royal Arch


Grand Superintendent's Address


It is a great pleasure to be here with you this evening to pay tribute to one of the big beasts of West Wales Freemasonry, Excellent Companion Richard Anthony Jenkins. It is particularly special for me, as this is the first time I’ve presented one of these awards in my own Chapter and to make it even more special E Comp Tony has been a good friend and a good neighbour of mine for the last 20 years.


E Comp Tony, you were initiated into the Cambrian Lodge no 464 on 3rd March 1976 and served as Master of that Lodge in 1985. You have remained a loyal and faithful member of the lodge for the last 44 years, serving in many lodge offices and you are currently serving the lodge as Mentor. You have also been a faithful member of the Kensington Lodge of Installed Masters since 1992 and have held office a number of times including serving as Chaplain in the Centenary Year when our Past Grand Superintendent Eric Mock was in the Chair and I was very excited to be Junior Deacon.

In the Province you were appointed to the Rank of Past Junior Warden in 1993. A very high rank within the Province and a mark of the esteem with which you have been regarded within the Province for the last 30 years.


E Comp Tony, I don’t think I would be revealing any state secrets if I were to say that, whilst you have always been a committed Craft Mason, your true love (apart from Monica who does get a mention later) is the Holy Royal Arch.


E Comp Tony, you were Exalted in this, the Hwlffordd Chapter on 2nd October 1978, meaning that we are over a year late in making this presentation. In view of the fact that there are three past and present Provincial Scribes Ezra in the room and three past and present Grand Superintendents as well, I think it is fair and proportionate to blame the Chapter Scribe Ezra, E Comp Chris Harding for the tardiness of this presentation.


You served the Hwlffordd Chapter as MEZ in 1989, just 4 years after going through the Chair of Cambrian Lodge. For the younger ones amongst you, this is especially commendable because in the “olden days” you couldn’t go through the Chapter Chairs before you had been through the Chair in the Craft, meaning that you, E Comp Tony, were on both ladders at the same time and you must have always been marked out for great things to have the two ladders so carefully timed.


You joined the daughter Chapter of Hwlffordd, the Arberth Chapter in 2014 and are currently MEZ of that Chapter.


Having started your Royal Arch Provincial career before the invention of electricity, your first couple of Provincial ranks are fossilised at the bottom of the Cleddau, but you were appointed to the very high rank of Provincial Scribe Nehemiah in 2005, followed by Deputy Director of Ceremonies in 2009 and Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2012. You were further promoted to 3rd Provincial Grand Principal in 2014.


In Supreme Grand Chapter you were appointed to the Rank of Past Grand Standard Bearer in 2010.


E Comp Tony, your distinguished masonic career is an example to us all, not only because it is distinguished, but mainly at no point have you let your love for freemasonry interfere with the most important parts of your life. You had a successful career in the oil refinery laboratory in Elf. Your lovely wife Monica and you raised two fine children and you continue to be involved with your grandchildren, whilst still supporting your elderly mother. You are a Church Warden in Uzmaston Church; you are a key member of the team on the newspaper for the deaf, where you are recorded reading the local paper for the benefit of the community in Pembrokeshire. You are also the pin up boy and go to member of staff in the new Haverfordwest Library!


E Comp Tony, most working people are less busy than you are and a certificate and badge for 40 years’ service in the Royal Arch seems a little inadequate after all your many achievements in freemasonry coupled with your commendable service to your community. You have been and continue to be a fine example to us all and it is with great pleasure that I present you with this certificate to mark 40 years continuous service to Royal Arch freemasonry and pin on this lapel badge which I trust you will wear with pride.


Many congratulations

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